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Texas Mosquito Control stands above our competition for your backyard mosquito control system.

If you already own a mosquito misting system, we offer you the best mosquito misting system service!

  • Professional, Reliable, Licensed, Uniformed & Courteous Mosquito System Service Technicians
  • No confusing mosquito system service contracts
  • Only pay for the mosquito spray used and repairs and misting services provided
  • Easy to understand bills
  • More mosquito system refill spray options including ORGANIC mosquito system spray options
  • We service most all backyard mosquito control systems including thorough mosquito system testing

Switch to Texas Mosquito Control Now….We will keep you protected from Mosquitoes!

Job #1: Never let our customers run out of protection.
Job #2: Take care of job #1 as efficiently as possible.

Backyard mosquito control systems that we service:

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