Mosquito Steve

Mosquito Misting systems have been around for many years. The truth is, the products that are being misted in most systems have been around for decades as well. In spite of web site claims, Mosquito Steve uses the same technology as most all of the mosquito misting system companies. They just don’t provide the same quality level of service as Texas Mosquito Control does. Mosquito Steve claims that many of their customers exceed the legal limit for those chemicals in the air, which is a completely false statement. Mosquito Steve is a company that attempts to control every aspect of the mosquito misting system. That’s just not right when you realize that your mosquito misting system is your system, no matter who installed it. Join the other former Mosquito Steve customers who service their own backyard mosquito control systems, or join the other former customers who get the highest level of mosquito misting system service from Texas Mosquito Control.