We would just like you to know that we really appreciated the service Gerardo provided us yesterday. He was very professional and did quality work (we needed a line replaced and put back into the ground). You couldn’t even tell there was an issue where he replaced the line. Thank you Gerardo! — Ramelyn & Andre P Mosquito Customer Since April, 2021 — Melissa, TX 4/9/2024

We are moving to Houston and have sold our house. I provided the buyer with your contact information and a glowing recommendation. Thank you for the excellent service, best of luck, and if we move back to DFW we will be in touch. — Bob E. — Mosquito Customer Since June, 2023 — Irving, TX — 11/21/2023


Throughout my lifetime, I have encountered many companies & servicemen that attend to various needs around my home, and none as outstanding as Avery with Texas Mosquito Control. If every serviceman would act in the professional & courteous manner that Avery does, my life would be easier! — Debra L. — Mosquito Customer Since 2015 — Keller, TX — 4/22/2019


I have been using Texas Mosquito control for about 8 years. They have always been very responsive to any requests I have. They are great at communicating with me and I have one of the BEST TECHNICIANS I have ever had. His name is Avery. The company sends me an email telling me when my tech is coming and even sends a picture of him in the email. That way I know who he is when he comes to the door. Always in uniform and very pleasant. Avery is professional and polite. He listens to what I have to say and he is always willing to make sure that I am completely satisfied with the service.

If you are looking for a reputable company, that sends the same technician to your home each time, consider Texas Mosquito Control. — Misty D. — Mosquito Customer Since 2009 — Plano, TX — 4/9/18

Have had this service for 4 years and love it! Their response to questions or adjustments is so accommodating! Their entire staff is top notch. Thanks guys! — Susan H. — Mosquito Customer Since 2014 — Dallas, TX — 10/7/17

I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Texas Mosquito Control. Beginning with the consultation with the owner, Mark Kellner, to the install, he and his staff were courteous, professional, and thorough. Not to mention the misting system has made a drastic difference in the mosquito population. We can actually enjoy our backyard now. Thanks, Mark and team!! Nice job! — Kim D. — Mosquito Customer Since 2016 — Dallas, TX — 7/1/16


We’re so happy with Texas Mosquito Control. We got several estimates from mosquito companies in the area, and we picked Texas Mosquito Control because they seem to have the best combination of affordability and effectiveness. I also like that they don’t charge you a monthly fee for no apparent reason. You only pay for your refills. They are very accommodating and professional. Our service appointments have always been helpful and easy to schedule. Avery, who services our system, is so conscientious, courteous, and knowledgeable. We love Texas Mosquito Control. — Diane H. — Mosquito Customer Since 2017 — Dallas, TX — 3/16/18

TMC installed and has serviced my system for 3 years. They are very professional and makes owning their system maintenance free for me. I would highly recommend TMC for your mosquito control system. — Bryan S. — Mosquito Customer Since 2015 — Colleyville, TX — 3/28/18

“We CAN’T do without Texas Mosquito Control System.” — Mosquito Customer Since 2008 — Keri F.

Other than marrying my husband, buying the Texas Mosquito Control System was the best decision that I have ever made” — Barbara R. — Mosquito Customer Since 2005

“Ever since you installed our Texas Mosquito Control System, our dogs no longer suffer from fleas.” — Dr. William H. — Mosquito Customer Since 2004

“The Texas Mosquito Control System is especially important because we have a little one around.” — Amanda J. — Mosquito Customer Since 2016

“Mark Kellner installed our Texas Mosquito Control System at the beginning of the summer and I don’t think that we had more than one mosquito bite between all three of our kids this year.” — Susan B. — Mosquito Customer Since 2003

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