What insects will my new TMC system effect?


How will my new Texas Mosquito Control System change the appearance of my home?

Your new system will not change the appearance of your home. Our technicians will design your new system to blend in with the beauty of your outdoor areas. JUST LET US SHOW YOU HOW IT WORKS!

What spray is used in my new system?

Organic Oils, Natural Pyrethrum, Synthetic Permethrin

What organic oils can be used?

Rosemary Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Wintergreen Oil

What is Natural Pyrethrum?

Natural Pyrethrum, the most useful all around misting liquid available today. It is derived from the flowers of a plant in the chrysanthemum family.

How safe is Pyrethrum?

It is one of the safest misting liquids known, as it has a very low Mammalian toxicity. It is rapidly metabolized if accidentally swallowed by warm blooded animals. Pyrethrum is rapidly degraded by sunlight into harmless breakdown products, but at the same time it can be safely stored for years in suitable containers.

How effective is Pyrethrum?

Very Effective! Pyrethrum is a contact insecticide attacking the nervous system of insects almost immediately and causing knockdown, followed by kill.Pyrethrum has a greater flushing effect than other insecticides. It disturbs pests in their hiding places, forcing them to get out and to become exposed to the insecticide.

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