Mosquito Joe

Misting systems give you continuous outdoor pest repellent when properly serviced by Texas Mosquito Control. Depending on where you live, a more permanent mosquito control solution may be needed for your backyard and outside areas. That’s why Mosquito Joe proudly offers Mistaway mosquito misting systems that are designed specifically for your residence. Mistaway backyard misting systems work in your yard to eliminate outdoor pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and several other outdoor pests. Installing a misting system relinquishes you from wearing bug repellent, lighting citronella candles or worrying about when to schedule your next treatment.

Automatic mosquito misting systems purchased from Mosquito Joe and serviced by Texas Mosquito Control is a win for your yard. A certified Texas Mosquito Control technician will come to your home and perform the best service for your backyard mosquito control system, conduct spring startup maintenance and even prepare the system for winterization. With ongoing service, you’ll remain in control of your backyard without the constant hassle of mosquitoes. Mosquito misting systems are now the top option for many households and are gaining in popularity. When you’re ready to improve your mosquito control system service in your backyard, give Texas Mosquito Control a call to request more information or to make your misting system service appointment.